OBDII Diagnostics Can Help You Save Your Car’s Health

What do you actually look for in your vehicle? What more could you ask for than a dependable and economic transportation to your destination? However, not always your car delivers on the occasion. Every now and then we face different malfunctions within our car and this could sometimes cause a grave cause of concern with regard to your car’s health. Now with the OBDII Diagnostics in place, you have nothing more to worry about!

The OBDII Diagnostics is primarily meant for emission controls. They provide you with that extra performance for your vehicle. Helping you to fix all defects in time, this one system is light years ahead of what we have had so far. While earlier OBD systems allowed replacement of chips, the new age sealed systems provide you with a real time data realization system for better information and relay.

The second generation of this on-board diagnostic system gives you a warning about the malfunction when the ‘check engine’ light comes on. There are three types of signals that you could get indicating a trouble with the vehicle’s emission systems. Known as the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL), they show occasional flashes for momentary malfunctions, stays on to indicate a serious problem and keeps on flashing constantly for grave damage indication. Such indicator lights keeps flashing till the problem has been repaired and it has been reset.

This light however only indicates what the trouble is and not the actual trouble itself. What you get to read along with this light is a code. You should then be able to decode such OBDII Diagnostic Codes. For this you cannot depend upon the garage mechanic as they might again fool you about the defect. Hence you should use the new age scanners that can help the common man to read such codes and detect the problem in real time.

OBDII Diagnosis becomes easy with a code library that helps you read the scanner device without many efforts. If the problem is a ‘type A’ problem or misfire, the MIL does not come on till the problem is serious. In case of a ‘type B’ or two-trip type problems, the trouble code is usually stored as pending and checked up again on the next trip. If the problem still persists, then the driver is alerted, else the code is erased off.

With an OBDII diagnostic in place, you can easily shut away all your worries and drive off in great galore!

Diagnostic Health Camps for Rural India

It is necessary to keep in good health which the lower strata of society finds difficult owing to their financial problems. Therefore, free diagnostic health camps are being organised frequently in India to conduct general medical check-ups and for heart, paediatric, ophthalmic, skin, ENT, disease and women health examination. There are many government and voluntary organisations that come to the rescue of community members by putting therapeutic camps, health check-ups for diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension.

Immunization Against Diseases

They also arrange for preventive vaccination for immunization against Typhoid fever, Polio and Hepatitis B. They want to increase their outreach in areas which have very less of health infrastructure. The focus is more on taking a follow-up on cases at regular intervals of time. These healthcare programmes help in understanding the basic health related problems along with free distribution of medicines.

Objectives to Fulfil

The main objectives behind rolling out such projects is better reproductive health and child care, awareness about communicable diseases, promote good nutrition in women and children. The non-profit organisations also want to improve personal hygiene and sanitation, promote safe water drinking, capacity building against maternal and infant mortality and build awareness on HIV/AIDS and TB among the young, children, poor and elderly. The intervention is of more help if implemented in rural areas where the level of knowledge and participation is comparatively lower than the urban cities.

Free Check-Up and Aid

Other people can also lend a helping hand in organizing diagnostic health camps in rural areas and contribute to the welfare of society. Camps of such nature are generally put up in urban and rural slums so that the needy can easily avail the health services extended to them. Organisations depute consultants from different disciplines inside these camps along with volunteers who facilitate their smooth functioning. Here, it is seen that the minor concerns are addressed at the local level itself but referrals are made for treatment of the major problems.

Inside a Diagnostic Health Camps

For better understanding, an example of a rural health camp conducted at WAVE City in Delhi NCR with support from the Indo-German Hospital. About 600 families where reached out this way and the camp treated people suffering from skin, anaemia, respiratory and gynaecological problems. Here, villagers turned up in large numbers to receive free medical consultation and aids. You can see several other customized health camps put up in the surrounding areas to offer facilities of similar nature. They provide preventive, curative, referral, promotive and comprehensive health services to numerous people living in the selected intervention areas. The duration of these check-up facilities ranges from 1-15 days a month with frequencies between a month to an entire year.